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Walks start at the new Fab4 statues at Pier Head, Liverpool, L3 1DP (close to the iconic Liver Buildings / Liver Birds on the Waterfront).


Beatles Walk is 90 minutes within City Centre.

Ticket to Ride walk is a full afternoons tour.


Brand new for 2016


  •  Take photos of your group &  the fabulous Fab4 waterfront statues.

  • 8 minute panoramic film of the story of Beatlemania.

  • See the stage were John met Paul on July 6th 1957


Beatles Walk 90 mins:  £18 per person, £30 for 2 people


Beatles Walk and Ride – 4 hours:  £45* for 1 person £60* for 2 people


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This is a superb Liverpool sightseeing tour & has something for everyone. You'll be shown hidden places you cannot see on a bus or coach and have more freedom and time to look around and enjoy the experience. You will learn the story of The Beatles by seeing the clubs they played and places where they stayed.

You can take your time to enjoy these sights and even touch the statues and sculptures, as we walk along the streets many of which are unchanged since the early 1960's.  There are opportunities on a walk to ask questions and the tour is a more personal experience.


We are experts in Beatles tours and other tours in Liverpool, the Wirral and throughout the UK including London Beatles.  Click on the links below or email or ring us to arrange a private group tour for you.

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